Happy Teachers Day Slogans, SMS in Hindi, English

{ Happy Teachers Day Slogans, SMS in Hindi, English }- The Teachers Day is going to celebrates on coming Saturday i.e. on 5th September every tear. The teachers has plays an important & great role in your life, and any part of educational profession. It could be anything college, schools, personal teaching classes, special sports coaching classes or any educational institute, Where teacher has the extro ordinary talent to secure our future and providing the right direction to our goal. Teacher’s role is creating us in a beautiful person and responsible citizen of nation also build our carrier in our favourite department.

Teachers help us to learn very small things since from the childhood when we even don’t know how the things going on, when we are in play group & nursery.  From the starts of our life they help us, guiding us, protecting us, and showing the right way which let us go to complete out goal of everyone’s life. Every age peoples are like to celebrate this grateful teacher’s day, because in everyone’s life there is great teacher who help them to become the great person of the nation. All these peoples are like to shows their love towards their teachers; express their gratitude and providing the Thanksgiving to every wonderful teacher in their life. This year celebrates this unique event by great manner by sending the extraordinary wishes to your teachers on Teachers Day 2015. Keeping in mind your need and necessarily we are providing the amazing collection of Teachers Day Slogans in English & Hindi, Sms on Teachers Day in Hindi & English in our implied header.

Happy Teachers Day Slogans, SMS in Hindi, English
Happy Teachers Day Slogans, SMS in Hindi, English

Teachers Day Slogan in English

{ Teachers Day Slogan in English, slogan on Teachers Day in English}- Many of the students, Kids and adult peoples are hunting for the slogan on teacher’s day in English so here we are providing the wide collection of Happy Teachers Day Slogan in English as follow.

  • Y0u $hould $peak like @
    Y0u $hould Re@d like @
    Y0u $hould Wr!te |ike @
    H@ppy Te@chers D@y SMS in Hindi
  • It i$ Better th@n @ hundred d@ys 0f diligent th@n t0 –
    $tudy 0ne d@y w!th @ gre@t te@cher.
  • They In$pire Y0u,
    They Entert@in Y0u,
    @nd Y0u End Up Le@rning @
    T0n Even When Y0u D0n’t Kn0w It.

Happy Teachers Day SMS in Hindi

{ Happy Teachers Day SMS in Hindi, SMS of Teachers Day in English}- On the teachers day if it’s not possible to meet up your dear teacher so don’t be ad here we are providing the some heartfelt Teachers Day SMS, Wishes in Hindi & English to your best teachers in your life.

  • Guru ter! M@hima k@a,
    V@rnan k@ru me k@ise?
    V@rnan ter@ likhu t0h,
    Kagaj chota hoye!


  • E@ch @nd every $ingle ch!ld
    Is $haped by the gre@t
    Mind of gre@t te@cher.
    H@ppy Te@chers D@y


  • Te@ching I$ Le@ving @ Ve$tige 0f 0ne $elf
    In The Deve|opment 0f @nother.
    And $urely The $tudent I$ @ B@nk Where
    You C@n Depo$it Y0ur Mo$t
    Preci0us Trea$ures.
    Happy Teachers Day


  • Te@chers D@y
    The W@y Y0u Te@ch…
    The Kn0wledge Y0u $hare…
    The C@re Y0u T@ke…
    The L0ve Y0u $hower..
    M@kes Y0u…
    The W0rld’s Be$t Te@cher…
    Happy Teacher’s Day!

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